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Trash Service Learning

Waste management is one of the problems in almost every country especially for large cities that have high waste products such as Jakarta which can produce 6 thousand – 7 thousand tons of waste a day and the number continues to increase every year.

The government itself has been struggling very hard to campaign from village to cities for cleanliness and the use of recyclable waste in order to reduce the final disposal burden. Today, many people tend to use plastic as a disposable container then immediately throw it away without knowing and being aware of the difficulties of the subsequent recycling process. All of the rubbish was brought and placed in the biggest final dump in Jakarta called Bantar Gebang landfill.

In collaboration with SHINE Foundation (Sustainable Hyper-platform of the Indonesian Network of Educators) which is a social entrepreneur in the field of education that aims to empower learners and educators through improving the quality and accessibility of education in Indonesia. Educational programs provided include themes related to global problems that touch the basic foundations of human life, one of which is the problem of waste & health.

Fun Highlights

FUN Highlights:

  • Navigate freely, find your way, enjoy fun moments in team.
  • Discover interesting places a fun and original way.
  • Fun photo and videos in relation to challenges.

Learning Highlights

LEARNING Highlights:

  • Time management.
  • Building consensus and maintaining team spirit.
  • Shared leadership and team dynamics.
  • Appreciating diversity both outside and within the team.
  • Positive mindset.
  • Leadership & Teamwork, Communication and taking of initiative in a team.

Our efforts to raise awareness and minimize the damage and protect the viability of marine life & maintaining a clean coastal area by actively organizing a beach cleaning, restoring & conservation program. It’s an initiative fun learning to make everyone aware of the importance of the ocean and the continuity of life are in it such as coral reefs, fishes, marine mammals and seawater itself. Every small action by collecting every single piece of trash is a valuable step to save the largest aquatic environment.

Our vision:

  • to support a healthy environment for the largest part of the planet's ecosystem

Our mission:

- scouring the island coastline then collect and separate plastic and non-plastic waste
- replanting mangrove trees
- empowerment, counseling, and learning about conservation of mangroves, starfish, and beaches
- snorkeling & diving


Day 1

Beach Cleaning Service Learning

07.00 am : From School directly to chosen 08.30 am : Freshen Up Activity I 09.40 am : Trash Service Learning Activity 11.30 am : Lunch Activity II 12.40 am : RECYCLE ART EXHIBITION 02.00 pm : Cleaning out and ready to go back to the school

Includes :


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