Gopeng, Malaysia

Gopeng, Malaysia

Students will enjoy fun collaborative activities through our leadership and training workshop, and will have a chance at practicing their competencies as the camp offers including water rafting, caving, paintball, and other team sports. They will also get a chance to do trekking to Gunung Panti and also participate in a Kampung exchange program. This camp will expose student to brand new challenges and equip them with essential life-skills.

Recommended age: 12-16 years old
Capacity: 30-80 people

Activity Highlights
Within the resort and camp facilities
High Rope Course
Collaborative activities: teaming for performance
Drama based activities: communication, leadership and assertiveness
X-Factor show
Raft building / Bridge building (optional)

Near the camp
Rain forest trekking
Waterfall abseiling
Waterfall trekking
River swimming
Night trekking

CIP / Community Work
Kampung experience and cultural exchange
Cleaning and caring: the basics of service in the kampung
Guided introduction / initiation to the activities with fitness assessment
Fun and interactive facilitation by dynamic in-house
OIA trainers, learning logbook (optional)

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