Kinasih Resort Bogor, Indonesia

Kinasih Resort Bogor, Indonesia

Student will stay at the Kinasih Resort for 3 days and 2 nights, engaging themselves in exciting hands-on activities to experience the agricultural realm that they cannot find within school walls. They will also venture outside of the resort and explore the Curug Cilember waterfall and visit Gunung Mas Tea Plantation.

Recommended age : 10-15 years old
Capacity : 30-150 people

Within the camp
Team Building Activities: Peak Performance
Team Building Activities: Actor Drama Studio
History Learning Activities: History of Wayang
X-Factor Show

Outside of camp
Educational Water Games:
Pillow War
Catch Your Dinner
Balloon Volley Ball
Paddy Field Plantation
Curug Cilember: Trekking and swimming in the
Gunung Mas Tea Plantation: Trekking and learning
about tea

CIP / Community Work
Fun and interactive facilitation by dynamic in-house
OIA trainers; Learning Logbook (optional)