St. John Island, Singapore

St. John Island, Singapore

Spend 3 days and 2 nights in an idyllic getaway by the sea. St. John Island brings you to the view of the open waters from the beautiful sandy shores. This 39-hectare is also home to many enticing flora and fauna for students to explore and discover.

Recommended age: 9-12 years old
Capacity: 30-120 people

Within the camp:
– Collaborative activities: Teaming for performance
– Drama-based activities: Communication, leadership and assertiveness
– X-Factor Show
– Bridge Building (optional)

Outside the camp (choose one):
– Island Beach Olympics (3 games)
– Island of Confidence (Exploration)
– Picnic Station
– Island Mission
– Beach Castle Making
– Cardboard Raft Building
– Kite Flying

CIP/Community Work:
– Beach Cleaning
– Meet with the Tropical Marine Science Institute and Agri-Food or the Marine Aquaculture Centre
– Guided introduction/Initiation to the activities with fitness assessment
– Fun and interactive facilitation by dynamic in-house OIA trainers; Learning Logbook (optional)

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