Sudhir Nair

Sudhir Nair

Currently, Director of Leadership Learning and Development with CLIA – OIA Pte Ltd, Sudhir Nair is a Corporate facilitator, coach and consultant; He helps Managers and Executives to activate behaviour change at the office and in their personal lives through learning and development and coaching.

Education and Teaching has always been a true passion of his ever since young, having devoted many hours from his teens to early adulthood to relief teaching and tutoring in agencies for students from the ages of 6 to 18 years. It is this passion that drew him to the field of training, facilitation and coaching.

In addition to being an experienced professional facilitator and learning consultant, Sudhir Nair draws on his many years in Sales Account Management, Sales Leadership and Training and Development in various positions in diverse industries like retail, advertising, media, business associations and now event/learning consultancy to provide insight, strategies and support to clients.

His delivery style is highly interactive and facilitative. Believing strongly that human behaviour drives processes, his workshop and training sessions are delivered to maximise learner development, and creating positive behaviour changes, especially in the workplace. His greatest strength is his ability to simplify complex processes so that it is easily understood. Besides classroom based training programs, his interactive style has also been effective for outdoor type team building events. Clients like Wearnes, Shell, Chevron, Pepperl fuchs, NUHS, HBO Asia and Hilton have all benefited from his expertise and approach to delivery.

His educational background has been in human resource development, having also achieved ACTA certification and Diploma in Human Resource Development. As a life – long learner, he believes that learning is an on- going process and recently graduated with an Executive MBA, with the Birmingham Business School. He also keeps updated with the latest trends in Human Resource Development, Leadership and Learning Technologies by subscribing to many HR and Training journals and magazines, plus, by attending leadership and learning workshops and network sessions regularly.

Despite his demanding learning career, Sudhir Nair devotes time with community and professional organisations. He is a volunteer member of the Singapore Indian Development Association and volunteers at the grassroots level for community projects. He has also served as the Consultant for the Indonesian Business Association of Singapore from the years 2003 to 2007, to help Singapore businesses keen on investing in Indonesia.
A doting father and devoted family man, he counts his greatest passion to be the time he gets to spend with his young daughter, especially in helping her learn and develop her own passion.